french mythbusters #1

  1. (Western) American ladies are much, MUCH hairier than French ladies, and the French I’ve met don’t fuck around with shaving, either. Waxing all the way.
  2. Deodorant is totally a thing. Even the homeless smell decent, except for the piss, so like decent plus piss.
  3. Cars are not generally smaller than US cars. Most are 4-doored, and I’ve seen an equal mix of both small and SUV types.
  4. Forcible tanning is HUGE. Orange is apparently considered an illustrious hue amongst the femmes.
  5. French people do experience pastry guilt.
  6. Folks like to say that the French don’t speak English because they’re rude, nationalistic, or both — not so. They don’t speak English because they think they suck at it. Most of them are correct.
  7. It’s not all farmer’s markets and boulangeries. France even has its own massively popular version of Wal-Mart. This is where one goes to purchase bulk-size jars of Nutella.
  8. You have not seen a mall until you’ve seen a European mall. It’s like Black Friday in Jersey Shore every living day of the week, one of the most legitimately terrifying places I have ever been.