mocking rang the daughter’s laughter
reamed and rusted heart unheard
as Terpsichore danced in aisles of measles
and topsails of ships strewn madly ashore

castaway she, exile of simile
vile scholar, her frantic oars
lashing foaming cloven violet,
blossoms powdered ink-stained shores

brutal scene, the cobwebbed angels
their sand-soaked blood on the counter table
and german-minded wind-whipped laurel
like tart red iron the innards shone

the vicar delighted and gnawing cigars
like death on a diet, lauding wordless
kitchen lichen in the laundry,
the thrushes screaming after hours

no grace amidst the pomegranates
the two limp hands gauzy white were
mica funnels, sharded swords unadorned
gauged out of blistered hiding places
exports of wartime ravaged indoors

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