since then

diego is a high-school social studies teacher
cleans up, works out, keeps his shit good and organized
sent me an e-mail on Day One, said
he was thinking of me (sup d)
said he’ll never forget the phrase ‘glass ceiling’,
the way i explained it in class, then in clinton’s
speech on the radio that morning
said he will remember me every time he hears it

spain’s got this public-access tv show
host comes on with a trump puppet,
hideous thing — bulbous and creamy orange
with bulging eyes
like some sickly perverted cartoon blowfish
nudgin up on kids with their little backs turned
the trump fish bobbles along blathering tonterías
quotes that viewers have texted in
some are trump quotes, some are hitler quotes, some are
enrique iglesias lyrics
the game is to guess

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